For Sale By Owner

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As a realtor obviously I have my own bias. But this question comes up from time to time when I meet with clients who are thinking of selling their home. COMFREE has done an exceptional job of marketing themselves over the last few years and has gained some market share. However, there are always two sides to every story and I thought it would be good for people to hear from an industry insider and...Read More


Mortgage Matters: Surviving and thriving: Your mortgage blueprint for 2017

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What do the new mortgage rules mean? Is this the right time to buy? Have mortgage rates bottomed out? Here are five sensible strategies that can assist you to survive and thrive in the current climate: 1. Take care of your credit: pay your bills on time, don't let your credit accounts exceed 50% of the credit avaiilable, and don't apply for a store care just to save on your purchase day! ...Read More