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Ready to LEVEL UP your real estate business to power your dream life?


men·​tor | \ ˈmen-ˌtȯr 

1     Mentoring has been a proven system for improving performance, skills, mindset, and disciplines for generations. A mentor is someone who is farther down the road of life. They have probably made numerous mistakes that would be wise for you to avoid. A true mentor helps the mentee or protégé learn the pathway of success in all areas of life. The mentor is someone who has the protégé’s best interest at heart.



Stop, (mic) drop and answer this question for me: Where were you three months ago? Take a moment. Do the math. Send your mind on a time-travelling mission. Then come back and confirm …

It was pretty similar to where you are now, right? The leaves outside may have changed, the weather might have warmed (or cooled), but when it comes to your success as an agent, you’re in the same place you were back then.

You’ve reached a plateau or your a new real estate agent. You’re feeling stuck. And let’s be honest … a little out of luck.

The good news? Where you are now is the PERFECT spot to LEVEL UP your business.

You just need somebody with the right fuel to send you on your mission to reach and surpass your goals.


Your Mentor/Coach: Tanya 

“The value I bring to your real estate career is the one-on-one On Demand style coaching.  I’m available for you days, nights and on weekends. I look forward to helping you LEVEL UP your business!”


During my career as a Realtor® I have seen just about everything under the sun, so I know exactly what you’re up against as you begin the journey of building a successful in real estate.


As your coach I’m here to build your confidence and teach you what to say, when to say it, and how to execute.  I provide hands-on support in Contract Presentation, Document Preparation, Objection Handling, and general guidance throughout the transaction.”


My Mission


I am committed to serve, impact, improve and empower the lives of others, creating a stress free lifestyle while having as much fun as possible taking real estate agents to the NXTLVL.


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What is your next move?

I’m here to help you find clarity, hone your strategy, skills and take massive action, so you can sell more real estate and live your best life.


Why you need a mentor


Because I’ve been where you are: Hungry to learn, improve, grow and harness your real estate career to build your best life in and out of real estate.


… But feeling like you have to hustle, hard, (ugh) to gain even an ounce of traction.


Which means:


  • Failing to reach your potential and bring in the income you know you deserve.
  • Struggling to balance life with work and irritating your loved ones by spending way too many hours glued to your phone, laptop and listings calendar.
  • Frantically looking for support as a new agent … but spending more time going in circles than getting results, or not knowing where to start.
  • Constantly working in chaos and needing to implement the right systems and structures.
  • Feeling invisible in the shadow of your competitors who, somehow, seem to bring in more leads, sell more properties and get more recognition than you.


I’m here to tell you there’s a better way. An easier way.


The Next Level Mentoring Experience*


Each NXTLVL Mentor Experience is completely customized. There is no one-size-fits-all. Every agent is different. With different backgrounds, experiences, goals, skill sets and mindsets, every agent needs something completely unique. My one on one coaching is designed to upgrade your individual skills, hone in on exactly what you need to perform at your best, packed with assets and knowledge so that you can find your edge, outperform your competition, LEVEL UP your success and become the confident powerful agent you’re destined to be. ​


Together, we might work on upgrades, your business plan, implementing proven sales systems, improving your dialogue, building your celebrity bio and even mastering critical commuication. Basically, it’s everything you need to build your best life and break into the NXTLVL of your career as a POWER AGENT.


The mentoring program is designed to methodically empower your business into the NXTLVL of growth and success. ​

Limited to just five agents, we’ll cover (but not limited to):

  • How to set a business plan that powers your goals.
  • Policies, Procedures, Forms and all the essentials to be an Integral Profressional
  • The business tools, listing and buying process and must-do’s that’ll supercharge your success.
  • How to save time by working smarter (not harder!) as a busy agent with proscpecting and database management.
  • The stress-free secret to prioritising the right tasks to ensure you are dollar productive and deliver on time, always.
  • A formula that sets an unbreakable foundation for your business to thrive, grow and flourish on.
  • Cultivating exceptional customer service that builds a tribe of clients that edify and champion you everywhere they go…… Referral, referral, referral!!


Included in your NXTLVL experience is:

  • Private interactive sessions once a week.
  • Unlimited emails, text, calls.
  • A personal follow-up consultation with me once your mentorship is complete.
  • Built-for-success templates, documents and systems to LEVEL UP your potential as a power agent.
  • Opportunities to ask questions, brainstorm and troubleshoot with me.
  • Bonus networking and referral business prospects with your fellow agents (there are up to five agents in every mentorship program).
  • Become part of a support network closed facebook group of agents.
  • Monthly Group online Zoom calls. (there are up to five agents in every mentorship program).
  • Private Seminar(s) with trusted service providers.
  • This could be you!


Level Up Your Business


Ready to become one of just 5 agents I exclusively work with each mentorship?


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To your success, 

Tanya Gordon is a Mentor for Right At Home Realty. To become part of the Mentorship Program, you must hold your licence with Right At Home Reatly Please refer here for other coaching offered by Tanya Gordon. * Each Mentor provides their own copyrighted program in addition to Right At Home Realty Mentoring Program. Logo, Name “NXTLVL Level Mentoring” are sole copyrights of Tanya Gordon.